Research for hypnotism and weight loss

Quality, individual care

You're a unique individual with specific needs. We're with you all the way to support your personal weight loss journey.

Research for hypnotism and weight loss

We prefer science

Our therapies are evidence-based, drawing from peer-reviewed research into hypnotherapy and cognitive behavoural therapy (CBT).

Research for hypnotism and weight loss


Our accredited therapists are highly trained and have the experience to provide therapies based on proven techniques

Research for hypnotism and weight loss

Looking after all of you

We’ll address all your needs to change habits and patterns of behaviour around eating, exercise and mental attitude.

I can’t thank you enough, I just feel 100% better. It is nice to spend quality time with the kids and not feel so exhausted and stressed.  I am going out socially more often and look forward to a brighter future…

I have no habit withdrawals at all. I am not binge eating on the weekends.

     C (Brisbane)

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